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Explore Studio Rajsi's Exquisite Collection!


Welcome To Studio Rajsi

Welcome to Studio Rajsi, where you can find a vastselection of kitchenware and utensils of the highest caliber. Whether you're a wholesale orretail customer, we're here to provide you with a wide selection of goodstailored to your particular requirements.

At Studio Rajsi, we recognize the value of proper equipment and utensils to improve your dining experience. For this reason, we have assembled a broad selection that includes everything you would require for your kitchen or business.

We provide a large selection of kitchenware, from specialty equipment to everyday necessities. We carry all types of utensils, whether you're looking for barware, kitchenware, banquet utensils, restaurant utensils, bone china, melamine items, or any other kind.

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Welcome to Studio Rajsi the best supplier and manufacturer of Barware, Catering, Decoration items, and Tableware in Delhi, India. At Studio Rajsi we focus on providing the best service and fulfilling our customer's satisfaction. We understand the importance of every occasion and the role of stylish utensils or equipment in it, that's why we supply stylish utensils according to different occasions. No matter where you are residing whether Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, or anywhere else in India, we provide our services all over India. A high-quality collection of bar utensils, catering equipment, decoration items, and tableware is available at Studio Rajsi for styling hotels, restaurants, or banquet halls.

To give you a great selection of items, we combine our understanding of the Marwari tradition with innovative ideas and adapt to the ever-changing market. We cater to the diverse needs of businesses globally, encompassing both conventional and contemporary designs. As each year goes by, we embrace the evolving business trends and expectations while adhering to the principles set out by our founder. We are committed to expanding our inventory as we go along and offering the best kitchen and barware to businesses worldwide.

Barware Products
Fancy and luxury barware equipment is available at Studio Rajsi with high quality and long durability. All options are available, whether you want barware for styling your bar, you need a bar tool set for designing your hotel or you want the best barware set for banquet halls. We provide Bar tool kits like white beer stands, black beer stands, silver bar tools, golden shakers, and many more. Stylish Bar glasses are also there like rose wine glasses, flute rose wine glasses, and many others. Studio Rajsi provides everything with high quality and with long durability at reasonable prices.

Studio Rajsi offers high-end, luxurious barware equipment that is long-lasting and of excellent quality. Whether you're looking for the greatest barware set for event halls, a bar tool set for decorating your hotel, or barware to style your bar, you have plenty of possibilities. We provide a variety of bar tool kits, including golden shakers, silver bar tools, black and white beer stands, and many more. There are also many more fashionable bar glasses available, such as fluted rose wine glasses and rose wine glasses. Everything offered by Studio Rajsi is of the highest caliber, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

Catering Equipment
Quality and durability are really important in catering equipment or crockery, that's why we design this equipment in such a way which are not only durable but also stylish and high quality so that you can present it confidently. We supply catering equipment or utensils for hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls as well. Chafing dishes like square chafers, hydraulic chafers, mumtaz mahal chafers, and other chafing dishes equipment are also available. If you want a chafing kit then it is also available with us in good quality and design. You will receive every piece of equipment at the price of your convenience.

Whether you need catering equipment for your banquet hall events or for your hotel or restaurant, our catering utensils, and equipment are made and designed to be appropriate for any sort of occasion. Since we at Studio Rajsi, a catering equipment manufacturer in Delhi, India, are fully aware of the need for catering utensils to be of high quality, long-lasting, or stylish with flawless finishing, we make every piece of equipment meet the highest standards set by our customers.

Decoration Items
Decorate your hotel, restaurant, or banquet hall with Studio Rajsi by having stylish and beautiful decoration items. We offer many decorative items for the better ambiance of hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls. We have decorative vases, golden cage stands, blue decorative vases, and many more. The quality is great at a lower price which is affordable by all. We focus on making stylish and unique items for decorating hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls.

A golden cage stand, decorative vases, display cycles, DCP-4444, a 3-set golden stand, blue decorative vases, vases to exhibit, and a 2-set display vase are just a few of the decorative things we provide for dining establishments, lodging facilities, and convention halls. Not only can decorating enhance the beauty of your hotels, restaurants, and function halls, but it will also draw in guests with its magnificent ambiance. One of the nicest things about Studio Rajsi is that its decorative products are accessible at reasonable costs. We at Studio Rajsi guarantee to give the best creative designs and flawless work for restaurants, hotels, and event halls.

Tableware Equipment
Enhance your dining experience with Studio Rajsi. We supply luxury and unique tableware all over India for hotels, restaurants, or banquet halls. A good ambiance and presentation are really important for any hotel or restaurant and keeping this in mind we design our tableware. Bone china, melamine, metal crockery and cutlery, and woodenware are available at Studio Rajsi at affordable prices.

Our constant goal is to create and provide the finest product possible with flawless design for our clients. When it comes to providing bar equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, décor pieces, and tableware for eateries, lodging facilities, and event spaces, Studio Rajsi is one of the reliable sources. Get the greatest tableware equipment from us to improve the presentation of your tables; we provide tableware to hotels, restaurants, and event spaces for both retail and wholesale clients.

Chafing dishes
At Studio Rajsi, we're proud to have been trailblazers in the production of premium chafing dishes. Our unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction has made it possible for us to become a reputable producer of catering equipment. In addition to producing equipment for commercial restaurants, we also produce and supply tableware, barware, catering supplies, and décor items in Delhi, India. Our assortment of chafing dishes stands out among our wide array of catering supplies as a representation of style and practicality. Every item in our collection is painstakingly made with precision and attention to detail, designed to fulfill the exacting requirements of the hospitality sector.

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