Chafing Dishes

Chafing Dishes

Hyatt Handi With Chowki

Crafting Excellence in Chafing Dish Manufacturing

We at Studiorajsi take great pleasure in having been innovators in the field of producing high-quality chafing dishes. Our persistent dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has allowed us to establish ourselves as a reliable catering equipment manufacturer. We are not only commercial restaurant equipment manufacturers, but also supplier and manufacturer of tableware, barware, catering equipment, and decoration items in Delhi, India.


Our Signature Collection: Elevating Catering Experiences

Among our diverse range of catering equipment, our chafing dish collection stands out as a symbol of sophistication and functionality. Designed to meet the demanding standards of the hospitality industry, each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail.


Hyatt Handi with Chowki: 1900s meet the 2000s

Our Hyatt Handi with Chowki is the ideal example of how to combine modern design elements with classic beauty. These chafing dishes, which are made of premium materials, not only improve the buffet’s aesthetic appeal but also provide the best possible heat retention, keeping your food tasting delicious and fresh. It will be the best tableware option for your hotel, restaurant, or banquet halls.


Square Chafer: A New Definition of Style

Our Square Chafer is the epitome of sophistication and style for anyone looking for a dash of modern elegance. It is a popular option for upmarket hotels and restaurants because of its exquisite style and simple lines, which elevate any buffet table.


Hydraulic Chafer: Seamless Functionality

Experience unparalleled convenience with Studio Rajsi, the best tableware, barware, catering, and decoration items supplier and manufacturer in Delhi, India, Hydraulic Chafer, where innovation meets practicality. Engineered with a hydraulic mechanism, these chafing dishes offer effortless lid opening and closing, ensuring hassle-free service during busy catering events.


Hydraulic Soup Station: Keeping Soups Warm and Inviting

Our Hydraulic Soup Station is the perfect way to showcase hot, soothing soups in flair. Its exceptional heat retention capabilities and hydraulic lid mechanism ensure that soups are served at the ideal temperature, impressing guests with each ladle of food.


Mumtaz Mahal Chafer: A Taj must have

Introducing the Mumtaz Mahal Chafer, an exquisitely designed chafing dish that honors the classic grace and elegance of its namesake. This magnificent chafer radiates imperial charm and grace, drawing inspiration from the Mughal era’s magnificence and the renowned Taj Mahal. The Mumtaz Mahal Chafer is expertly crafted, capturing the aura of elegance with its elaborate designs and embellishments.


We, Studiorajsi are known as the best barware, tableware, decoration items, and catering equipment supplier and manufacturer for restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls.


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