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50+ Years of Excellence: Embracing a Legacy

Welcome to Studio Rajsi, where legacy meets excellence! For over 50 years, we have carried forward the rich heritage established by Yogesh Chotani’s mother. With utmost respect and gratitude, we pay homage to her vision and passion for delivering quality kitchenware and barware. We honor her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for delivering top-quality kitchenware and barware.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown and expanded, continually striving to provide exceptional products and service. Our legacy of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction remains at the heart of everything we do.

Deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Marwari craftsmanship, we continue to expand our offerings while upholding the values that have been passed down through generations. We continue to be steadfast in our dedication to flawless design, unsurpassed quality, and client happiness.

We mix the knowledge of our Marwari tradition with cutting-edge concepts as we embrace the industry’s constantly changing landscape to deliver you an excellent choice of products. We provide for the various requirements of enterprises around the world, from traditional designs to modern styles.

We continue to uphold the standards espoused by our founder while embracing the shifting trends and expectations of the business with each passing year. We are dedicated to growing our collection as we go along and providing companies all around the world with the best kitchen and barware.

Join us on this amazing journey where innovation and tradition coexist peacefully. We continue to diversify our offers while respecting the principles that have been handed down through the years. We are deeply anchored in the rich traditions of Marwari handicraft.

Tableware supplier in delhi, India
Catering manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India

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Studio Rajsi India stands as a prominent manufacturer in India, specializing in tailor-made banquet, hotel, and catering products.

Studio Rajsi - Supplier of Barware, Catering, Decoration items, & Tableware in Delhi

Welcome to Studio Rajsi the best supplier and manufacturer of Barware, Catering, Decoration items, and Tableware in Delhi, India. Our main aim is to provide our customers the great service and give them the best experience ever. The role of strong and stylish utensils is really important in any type of occasion, that's the reason we supply and manufacture the strongest and most stylish utensils or equipment needed for any occasion. No matter where you live whether Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, or anywhere else in India, we provide our services all over India. Luxury and fancy collections of bar utensils, catering equipment, decoration items, and tableware are available at Studio Rajsi at reasonable prices for styling hotels, restaurants, or banquet halls.

Fancy and luxury barware equipment is available at Studio Rajsi with high quality and long durability. Bar utensils for styling your bar, bar tool set for designing your hotel, or the best barware set for banquet halls, everything is available at Studio Rajsi at prices of your convenience. We supply Bar tool kits like white beer stands, black beer stands, silver bar tools, golden shakers, and more. Unique bar glasses are also available like rose wine glasses, flute rose wine glasses, and many others. Studio Rajsi promises to provide everything with high quality and long durability.

Quality is an important part of catering equipment or crockery, and hence it's our main focus point while supplying catering crockery. We provide catering equipment or utensils for hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls. Chafing dishes like square chafers, hydraulic chafers, mumtaz mahal chafers, and other chafing dishes equipment are also available. If you require a chafing kit then it is also available with us. You will receive every catering equipment that you expect.

Studio Rajsi will help you in decorating your hotel, restaurant, or banquet hall by offering you beautiful decoration items that are available with us at low prices. Keeping the presentation and ambiance in mind, we supply the decorative items for hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls. We have decorative vases, golden cage stands, blue decorative vases, and more. Quality is superb without any doubt.

Elevate your dining experience with Studio Rajsi. We supply luxury and unique tableware all over India for hotels, restaurants, or banquet halls. We think as a customer and then design our tableware so that we can completely fulfill our customer's needs. Bone china, melamine, metal crockery and cutlery, and woodenware are available at Studio Rajsi at reasonable prices.

Shop from us to get wholesale Barware equipment, Catering equipment, Decoration items, and tableware for restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls at reasonable prices. We promise you to supply the best quality and will not give you any chance of disappointment.